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Our Home Inspection Services

A.C.A. Home Inspections offers comprehensive home inspection as well as environmental testing services.

Home Inspection

A.C.A Home Inspections’ computerized reporting systems meets and/or exceeds the Standards of Practice set by NAHI, ASHI, and MREAC. The home inspection report identifies all areas that are inspected complete with photographic documentation of major discrepancies and are available to the client on-site. 

Typically home inspections last two to three hours for pre-listing, pre-purchase, home warranty, and home check inspections. Pre-purchase inspections are a necessity for any homebuyer to determine the condition of the property they are considering purchasing.

Pre-listing Inspection

Any person interesting in selling their home should have a pre-listing inspection. Identifying/correcting deficiencies prior to listing the house can save you money, reduce or eliminate negotiating repairs with buyers, and can result in a higher sale price. 

Warranty Inspection

Identifies any issues with the home that may be present before the expiration of a home warranty.

Home Check Inspection

Every 5-10 years that you live in your home you should have a home inspection completed. A home inspection allows a professional to evaluated the condition of your home and identify any issues that may become major issue if not addressed quickly.


RecallChek is a service that checks all major appliances in the house for product recalls. To learn more about this service click on the link on this page.

Rental Inspection

Complies with Baltimore County Standards of Practice. This inspection is required by all landlords who are required to register their rental properties with Baltimore County.

Pool and Spa Inspection

Available in conjunction with a home or rental inspection. Identifies the condition and safety of pools and spa systems.

Radon Testing

Radon is tasteless, odorless gas that naturally occurs from the breakdown of uranium. Radon gas can build up in basements and attics. Exposure to radon in high concentrations is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer. Information regarding your risk can be found at

Water Quality Sampling

Maryland Certified Drinking Water Sampling Technicians are available to conduct sampling for a variety of parameters and contaminants such as nitrates, pH, hardness, volatile organic compounds, and bacteria. Additional analysis are available upon request.

Lead-Based Paint Testing

The presence of lead-based paint is a primarily a concern for residential properties constructed prior to 1978. Maryland Accredited Inspector Technicians are available to conduct direct reading X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) surveys in addition to dust wipe sampling.

Mold Inspection

Visual and air sampling services are performed by a qualified technician to determine if high concentrations of mold is present. This service is limited to a non-destructive inspection in most cases.

Infrared Thermography

Qualified technician will use an infrared camera to identify areas of water intrusion, plumbing leaks and other moisture issues that cannot be located by the naked eye. Infared Thermography is based on the concept of evaporative cooling which causes wet objects to appear cooler than the dry surrounding materials.

Asbestos Sampling

Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act (AHERA) accredited inspector will collect a sample of any suspected asbestos-like material for processing and evaluation.

Indoor Air Qualtiy Testing

Direct reading instruments and a variety of sampling methodologies are used to identify volatile organic compounds often associated with common indoor air quality complaints.

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